Sex For Sale at Lucky Plaza

Bradley FarlessLife in Singapore, NoGoogleAds1 Comment

S.E.X. Shop

Well, besides the House of Condom sitting out front facing Orchard Road, there’s also a store on the 2nd floor called S.E. X Shop:

S.E.X Shop

It has some nifty products, like this anime blow up doll and guy with a pen stuck in his butt:

Items for sale at the S.E.X Shop

But, besides that there were also some real prostitutes prowling the halls at Lucky Plaza last night:

Prostitutes at Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is known for being a place to go for prostitution and I guess word spreads far and wide because every time I go there I see lots of white guys hanging around, obviously doing the “looking for nooky” shuffle.

Other areas where you might go looking for that sort of thing are Geylang and Orchard Towers, which is also known as The Four Floors of Whores.