New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals – Part 1

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This is a topic I could make many, many posts about, so I’ll just label them all “New York city Graffiti” with a different part number.  Unlike some other places I’ve lived, including other places here in the US, graffiti and murals are prolific here in the city.  In fact, you could almost say it’s encouraged as a method of self-expression.  Some people become so good at painting them that they make a name for themselves.  I can’t think of any offhand, since I just moved back after being gone for quite a long time, but my mom sometimes sees artist ‘tags’ (their signatures on the graffiti) and recognizes them.

Here are two examples of graffiti:

Wall Graffiti Ave C

This one is obviously political in nature and is on Avenue C around 5th or 6th Street.  I should have taken another photo of the long message to the left of the main slogan.  Maybe next time.  Click the image to see a larger version where you might be able to make it out.

Urban Vets Graffiti

This one is a mural for a business: Urban Vets Animal Hospital.  It’s really nice looking and it’s the cat to the left that caught my eye.  I thought my wife would appreciate seeing this.  Unfortunately, the veterinary hospital itself has something of a bad reputation so I’ll probably never go in.

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