I Wonder if Chee is Good?

BradleyCool Stuff7 Comments

Cheeburger?  Wonder how that tastes?
(Picture taken in Kuwait City)

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7 Comments on "I Wonder if Chee is Good?"

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Brad F.

Wow. The awesomeness of this sign has just gone up by 200%. I never would've guessed!

Brad F.

No, but now that you've said that, I beg you to enlighten us!


chee in local dialect = poo na na
Now you can imagine why someone should start a branch at geylang 😛


OMG! If this ad was in Sing, you guys do know what a “chee” in local dialect means right?? Wow…




This one gave us all a laugh. I was in Kuwait on a deployment at the time, and a group of us had gotten a pass to go visit the mall.

After we laughed, though, we were sad that it wasn't open yet and we couldn't have any cheeburgers.


With the way the have it written twice, I hope it is!