How Many Times Per Ride Do the Cops Need To Check My Papers Just To Ride The Bus?

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Seriously.  I feel like I’m trying to enter another country when I’m riding the new, supposedly improved SBS service.  If you’re not familiar with these SBS service buses, they’re supposedly a great new way to get around town that will be faster than a normal limited bus.  They also supposedly save the city money.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll … Read More

Man Got Wedged Between Train and Platform at Union Square Station Last Night

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Last night there was an accident in the Union Square train station that required an ambulance and firefighters to respond. I first realized there was something going on when I was trying to board the train at a station further uptown on the same line.  An announcement was made in the station saying that the express trains would all be … Read More

Do You Have An Unlimited?

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Twice now, on my way home, I’ve passed through the turn-styles at Union Square and had a guy ask me that question.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it was the same guy, though I could be wrong, since the last time this happened before tonight was about a week ago. So, what’s it mean?  Well, when you ride the mass … Read More