A Cat Named Cheesecake

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We found this guy in an alley in the middle of last winter. He’s still kind of sick but the improvement in his health has been amazing.   Now, if we could just get him to stop eating like he’s still starving in the street, that would be awesome!

RIP: Gummy Bear

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Gummy Bear

About nine months ago or so, my wife found a dog that was waiting to die at a shelter. He was scheduled to be put down that day, because he was old, sick and wasn’t expected to live more than another two months anyway. She felt sorry for him and took him home, so his last few months of life … Read More

Turf-watching Cat

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I was out walking my dog earlier today and right as we were coming to the corner of a block, this cat came strutting around the corner like he owned the place. Maybe he does? Maybe he lives in the building and hangs out there all the time? Anyway, when he saw my dog, his demeanor changed right away and … Read More