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Hi! Welcome to my site! There isn’t really an overall theme or topic that I cover here. It’s primarily a personal blog. You’ll find posts about trips I’ve taken, the time I’ve spent living in other countries, research papers and assignments from when I was taking college courses, and my thoughts (or complaints) about current events. Sometimes I just post random stuff that seems odd, out of place, or amusing.

Who am I? Well, I’m an Army veteran. I’m a student pursuing a master’s degree in history so I can be a teacher. I’m married. I live with three cats. I enjoy reading, mostly fantasy and science fiction, but I read a lot of history too. I also enjoy reading books about religions, but mostly from an academic standpoint. I like action movies, superhero stories/books/movies/shows, anime & manga, and MMOs. I’m currently playing Destiny 2 and Elder Scrolls Online! Occasionally I play Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV Online.

2017-11-22 - Match End Stats - Destiny 2. Awesome 13.5 Efficiency Rating! =D
2017-11-22 – Match End Stats – Destiny 2. Awesome 13.5 Efficiency Rating! =D

I was born in Alaska, but I’ve lived in a few states in the South, up and down the East Coast, in Germany, a few countries in the Middle East, as well as Singapore and the Philippines in Asia. I guess I’ve done a pretty good bit of traveling in my life. I live in New York City now, which is so multicultural that it’s like a mishmash of all the places I’ve lived. I can have steam buns in Chinatown for breakfast, Middle Eastern for lunch, German for dinner, and then go watch a Broadway show, walk through Central Park, or window shop everywhere from Forbidden Planet (a comic shop I’ve been going to since I was a kid) to Macy’s. I mean, you just can’t ever see or do everything in New York City and that’s pretty amazing.

Lower Manhattan Skyline
Lower Manhattan Skyline

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Just had a guy walk up and ask if he could eat the pizza crusts left on my plate at Joe's Pizza on 14th St. He wasn't badly dressed either. Kind of shocked me. He was chewing on them as he walked out. I didn't eat them because there's nowhere to wash my hands here. #poverty #NYC

Human screams spike between 30 and 150 Hz—the higher the sound variation, the more terrifying the scream is perceived by other people.

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